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Chasing the Perfect Shot: Photography in the Highlands

Posted on Feb 17, 2012 by Sarah Morton

There’s probably no better way in the world to capture a memory than through photography, sure a film lets you relive it over and over, but a photograph freezes that one single special moment in time forever.

I really only got into snapping a few years ago, it was my degree that forced me, very reluctantly, into building up huge catalogues of images for research and to form the body of my submitted projects.

Looking back at some of the shots, and my subjects, I have no idea what was going on in my head – pointing and shooting at anything that moved.  I’d probably be wise to delete the lot.

Now, I’m a bit better educated, and my eye for a shot has certainly developed.  Some things just get better with age, and for me photography is definitely one of those things.  Of course, some people have that gift for it, but practice can make perfect.

Now, with a love of photography fully developed, I have a bit more freedom to take pictures of whatever I like and over the last couple of years a bit of an obsession with clouds and light has come to the fore.  I doubt I could find anyone who doesn’t like a good sunset, but I think it is only a photographer who can really appreciate what light and colour contribute to a shot.

That said, my favourite subject, and probably what makes up the bulk of my portfolio, is landscapes.  I’ve done a fair bit of traveling, but nowhere have I found the scenery, lighting and inspiration for shots as I have done in Scotland.  I could take a picture of exactly the same spot every day, and know it would look completely different each time.  That’s not really my style though, I’m more of an opportunist, and luckily a great opportunity presents itself almost every day in the Highlands for me to get a snap for my online photo blog.

I guess every photographer, whether aspiring or professional, is always chasing that one perfect shot and the West Highlands is without a doubt a spectacular place to start, if not actually achieve that goal.  Colin Prior leads our amazing photography trips.  Whatever your muse, be it landscape, wildlife, flora, fauna, people or places, this is the ultimate opportunity to develop your photography skills with the expert guidance of Colin, while taking in the varied and dramatic Scottish landscape.

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