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    Top 5 Reasons to book a Sea Kayaking Holiday

    By Carol Lang
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    Planning a holiday? Writing your bucket list?  Just overheard some people talking about sea kayaking? Listening to a colleague talking about their latest great holiday? Opened an adventure travel magazine and seen some amazing pictures of people in kayaks drifting through pure blue azure waters surrounded by shell-white sandy beaches?


    Top 5 Reasons to book a Sea Kayaking Holiday

    A little bit curious? Starting to drift off?

    Well pay attention! Sea Kayak Guide and Paddle-Lover, Carol Lang shares her Top 5 Reasons to book a Sea Kayaking Holiday.

    Turning our daydreams and curious thoughts about possible holidays into reality can be difficult.  It’s all too easy to tell ourselves that we’ll ‘think about it later’, and cast the thought aside, or convince ourselves that it’s an improbable and fanciful notion.   More often we let the idea sink into the back of our minds under the weight of everyday life.  Perhaps too, if we are being honest, we can often let our daydreams drown in a little anxiety.

    Dealing with the anxiety of the ‘unknowns’ might not be exactly how you envisaged easing yourself into that well-earned break from work.  Does it really make for the ideal restful, worry and stress-free holiday that you were looking for?

    Questions – such as ‘Will I actually like sea kayaking?, ‘ Am I fit enough?,  ‘What will everyone else be like?’, ‘Will we all get along?’, What about the weather?, Will the accommodation be ok?, The logistics of travel?’ – might be swirling around your head, and may feel a little overwhelming. If these questions are doing their swirling thing, perhaps consider this:  a) an outdoor holiday is something to be experienced at least once, and b) you just need one good reason to commit to what could be your best adventure yet!

    There’s a whole ocean full of fantastic reasons to go sea kayaking, so in no particular order here are my favourite five:

    Top 5 Reasons to Book a Sea Kayaking Holiday

    1) See the World from a New Perspective

    There is a little magic in seeing the world from a different perspective.  Wild places and spaces take on a whole new expression when seen from a sea kayak.  No matter how many times I have revisited familiar and favourite paddling spots I always discover new things.  It is a constantly changing picture that you never get bored of.

    Top 5 Reasons to Book a Sea Kayaking Holiday

    2) Discover those Hard to Reach Places

    Getting to remote places that are hard to reach by foot ensures peace and tranquillity.  Any folks that you do happen to meet, will be dressed just as fashionably as you and are there for exactly the same reasons too.  There is also a pure and special magic in arriving on a pristine and unspoiled remote beach or shoreline where your hardest task in that moment is to stop, breathe, and capture a snapshot for your memory.  Those moments are true moments that belong to you and no-one can steal them away.


    3) Travel Under Your Own Steam

    Sea kayaking, is one of the most environmentally sound ways of exploring a large part of your world. You can immerse yourself for days exploring and getting to places under your own efforts.  You can quite literally go where the wind blows! You can allow yourself to tune in to all the natural things in our wild world that you may never have known existed, and it sure won’t be to the beat of daily hum-drum, white noise or rumbling truck engines!

    Top 5 Reasons to Book a Sea Kayaking Holiday

    4) Get Nose to Nose with Scotland’s Wildlife

    Scotland’s sea’s and shores are a wildlife hotbed.  It’s easy to lose time absorbed in experiencing our rich coastal geology, and diverse flora and fauna, and that’s before you encounter the underwater kelp and seaweed forests, and of course the sea mammals and bird life.  Encounters with Bonxies, Gannets, Curlew, Dolphins, Porpoise, Seals, Sea Otters, and Basking Sharks happen often.  All you need is a canny eye and a sea kayak!


    Top 5 Reasons to Book a Sea Kayaking Holiday

    5) Dive in or just Dip a Toe, it’s up to you

    Sea kayaking is one of the few sports that lends itself brilliantly to having a range of commitment levels.  You can make it what you want, from extreme to gentle and calm, wet or dry, or meditative to adrenalin inducing.  You can use it to switch off, or connect to wild spaces and enjoy close-up investigations of shorelines or venture out into deeper waters.  It can be a satisfying challenge in learning new skills.  It can be a social activity or a peaceful one.  But guaranteed whatever you make it, you will have at least one moment where-in it becomes a perfect escape.  And for that you will remember it forever.

    So my challenge to you is to give it a go!  After all, you never know what is out there until you go and look.  Don’t worry about the unknowns because other people have them too.  Embrace them and at the very worst, you will have had, on reflection, a great holiday, something a little different to the norm.  And at the very best you will have opened up a brand new world for yourself!

    Sea Kayaking Holidays

    Meet the Author: Carol Lang

    “A soulful lover of the sea and wild places. Carol spreads good vibes wherever she goes!”

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