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    Our group of clients who were lucky enough to be on the sea-kayaking holiday exploring the Sound of Arisaig had an incredible experience last week. They encountered an Orca – a killer whale – while sea-kayaking.

    It has been well-documented in the media recently that Orcas are now inhabiting UK waters but sightings are still rare. But last week’s sea-kayakers got very lucky indeed. They were guided by Jeremy Martin when they spied the easily identifiable dorsel fin breaking the water up ahead. Jeremy said:

    “It was just amazing – the most beautiful thing that I’ve seen in Scotland. I know how rare it is to spot Orcas here, so we all felt incredibly privileged.”

    A couple of years ago, I spied some Orcas on a sailing trip as we sailed past the island of Raasay – I remember calling the office in sheer elation so that the guys could share in the experience – although it wasn’t quite the same for them!

    Jeremy is leading a sea-kayaking trip to the islands of Raasay and Rona from 17-22 August so perhaps he will get lucky again! It’s certainly a beautiful place to visit and I understand that there are places available.

    There are also a few places available on our final sea-kayaking trip to the Sound of Arisaig, which runs 31 August – 5 September. Please contact the office if you would like more information or to sign up to either trip.

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