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    Our 20 Favourite Photo Tweets

    By Ben Thorburn, Head of Marketing
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    We know you love photos but we also know that not everyone follows us on Twitter, so we wanted to bring you some of the highlights and the chat that goes with the images.

    I was looking back over our feed and was genuinely blown away by many of the images, some of them shot by Rupert our in-house photographer, some by our guiding team when they’ve been out and about leading groups around the Highlands and Islands and many by the peeps that join our trips or love getting involved in the conversation.

    Anyway, enough from me, all you want is to see the photos. Scroll down and don’t forget you can like or retweet any of these pics right here on the page and if you want to follow us on Twitter then just click the button below.

    1. Tom from our Operations Team took advantage of the cracking weather and took to the water at lunchtime to eat his sandwiches in the middle of Loch Morlich.

    2. There’s only room for one person in Tom’s canoe so the rest of us keen beans broke out the road bikes instead and went for a first tentative spin of the season.

    3. At roughly the same time we were just finishing up our photo competition on our Facebook feed and this was one of the many stunning shots that you shared with us.

    4. An underrated image that perfectly captures wildness and companionship in this evocative shot from Alison.

    5. What an incredible opportunity to get such a great view of the minke whale on our Inner Hebrides Sailing Journey.

    6. This was a a wee staff outing to recce part of the River Beauly that we were going to include in our Scottish Classics canoe trip. I think it was a good choice with this Tolkinesque location.

    7. A wee snap from the top of Cairngorm on our first winter walking trip of the year guided by Tim Francis.

    8. If you only have 60 seconds to spare then click to watch this stunning clip of morning light diffusing through the mist shrouded Caledonian Forest little more than a few miles from our office.

    9. This is magical Knoydart (Scotland’s most remote mainland location) giving over to the pastel colours of late afternoon.

    10. Those are the bonny banks of Loch Lomond in the background and we’re really grateful to Alex Frood for sharing this stunning shot of their adventure to the top of Ben Lomond.

    11. An in-depth look at the unique location of Knoydart as seen through the work of our valued conservation partner the John Muir Trust.

    12. Glen Affric is possibly the epitome of Highland Scotland. Reply to the tweet and let us know what you think.

    13. What’s not to like about this shot from our drone of the castle on Loch an Eilein getting bathed in late winter light. Share the love and retweet it if you like it.

    14. Whoa, if ever there was an arresting image of Loch Morlich then this is it. Literally just a couple of mile from our office door Rupert captured this stunning shot late one clear evening. What do you think? Share your comments in the replys.

    15. Double Rainbow – that is all ;)




    16. Ok I said the starry starry night shot of Loch Morlich was arresting, well this one has to be a serious contender too. I think it’s our most popular tweet ever. If you want to share the stoke then give it some love too.

    17. Callanish standing stones on Lewis, Outer Hebrides are a pilgrimage on our Outer Hebrides and Skye walking holiday. Find out more about that trip by clicking the link and don’t forget to pester your guide for the sunrise photo opportunity if you do join us…they won’t take much persuasion.

    18. Loch an Eilein making an appearance here again seeing as it’s on the doorstep. This one’s got a link to a walking route round the loch and up a local hill so click the tweet for more info.

    19. You’re probably wondering what we’re doing drawing attention to the fact that the midge can ruin a good day out or relaxing sundowner after a good day out but we want to explode the myth and give you the definitive truth about midges. Click the tweet for a great blog article and video.

    20. Ok last one of our roundup of 20 Twitter pics. We had to include this, it’s a snap from one of our road cycling holidays in the Outer Hebrides and pretty much sums up why we do what we do. Getting out there, quite roads, outstanding scenery and the smiles this type of adventure creates are infectious, even on screen.

    Which are your favourite pictures from this collection? Do you have some you’d like to share with us and hopefully we can put you in the picture so you’ll feature in our array of beautiful photos next time round.

    Meet the Author: Ben Thorburn

    “Ben is Head of Marketing at Wilderness Scotland and his love and enthusiasm for Scotland’s wild places is what he hopes rubs off and inspires people to visit such an incredible place. Outside of work he's found in his natural habitat; the mountains, whether skiing, on a mountain bike or walking.”

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