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    Selected Trips

      Stunning Scottish Sea Kayaking Photos

      2 min read

      By Ben Thorburn, Head of Marketing
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      The warm weather is coming and Meike, Howard and myself were getting excited about sea kayaking trips over lunch yesterday.

      I thought of all the stunning sea kayaking images that our guides have taken on trips and decided to make a photo montage of the tweets from our Twitter feed. Nothing fancy but we hope you like them.

      Ask yourself this – Have you ever felt uncomfortable sitting in a kayak? We can help with this…

      Before he headed off to lead our Summer Isles holiday this week, sea kayaking aficionado and Wilderness Scotland guide Howard Jeffs left us with this pearl of wisdom.

      Twitter Kayaking Photos

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      Love the Pics – Watch the Video

      If you’re diggin the pics then take 5 to watch this film all about an introduction to sea kayak expeds. We have the pretty cool option on the West Coast Explorer to choose which days we want to stay at our accommodation and which we want to camp on. It means we can check the weather and strike out for places like Knoydart and Skye and land at places that very rarely see people.

      Epic Scottish Sea Kayaking Holidays

      Meet the Author: Ben Thorburn

      “Ben is Head of Marketing at Wilderness Scotland and his love and enthusiasm for Scotland’s wild places is what he hopes rubs off and inspires people to visit such an incredible place. Outside of work he's found in his natural habitat; the mountains, whether skiing, on a mountain bike or walking.”

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