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Our Top 10 Sunset Photos of Scotland

Posted on Aug 14, 2012 by Ben Thorburn

The sun has just set on the most spectacular Olympics in living memory (ok we might be a bit biased) and on a summer that has been punctuated by incredible sporting events from Wimbledon to the Tour de France.

These events have certainly inspired our team and now we have to wait until the Commonwealth Games in 2014 before we quash our insatiable appetite for sport in all its forms.

So in appreciation of this summer of sport we’ve selected our Top 10 Sunset Photos of Scotland. These images have all been taken on our Wilderness Scotland holidays by our expert guides. Since Scotland enjoys the benefits of perpetual twilight on summer evenings we’re now at the stage in the year were we are able to enjoy a stunning sunset at a more sociable hour.


Sunset photos of Scotland

Sunset over the Cuillins, Skye

Enjoy the photos and please comment on your favourites.

10 Sunset Photos of Scotland

1. Wow this is the Summer Isles at their glorious best. Our guide Jeremy Martin caught this beautiful image while the group relaxed with a sundowner after they had pitched their tents for the night. I’m sure there were equally as beautiful place to be in Scotland on that day and at that time, but none to beat it.

Camping at sunset on Tenera Mor on the Summer Isles

2.Could you beat this? Our Director of Guide Training, Myles, had the pleasure of guiding a group that were up for a sunset paddle. They explored the beautiful coastline and skerries around Arisaig as the sun began to drop on another day on the Scottish Sea Kayak Trail.

3. Keeping on track with the watery theme.  Director Paul spent some incredible days aboard our gaff cutter as they explored the Outer Hebrides. For this image they anchored just off North Uist and this looks out across to Pabbay and Shillay towards the setting sun.

4. From the Outer Hebrides to Shetland now. The golden hues of this image reflect with molton beauty on this sea loch.

5. Veering north now to Orkney. This is the Eynhallow Sound. The interesting fact about the Eynhallow Sounds is that at certain times there is a standing wave which rears up in the centre of it. Created by a meeting of North Sea and Atlantic tides the water is forced up and continually cascades down on the stretch of water that separates Orkney’s Mainland with the island of Rousay.

6. A sunflare is always spectacular. This one sits just off the left flank of the mountain of Suilven which stands like a sentinel in the northwest of Scotland.

7. Being on the hills in winter is a rewarding experience. The milky light that mixes sun and mist together to create a true sense of drama is something that needs to be experienced. One of our winter walking clients stands silhouetted against that light as their group descend after a day’s winter walking, gently kicking powder snow as they go.

8. Continuing the high life, this image looks across the Cairngorm plateau as the sky begins to pink up ahead of a stellar sunset. The beauty in this image is seen in the highlights which backlight the foreground rocks.

9. Possibly a quintessential Scottish sunset, this image shows how a grey day can be lit up by a fleeting moment of light as the sun finds a break in the clouds while dropping to the horizon. I love this image for many reasons but it’s got to be the whole idea that you’ve got to be in it to win it that grabs me. It would be all too easy to say it’s a grey day and stay indoors but if you take the chance, you’re often rewarded with something special.

10. The opening image was of the Summer Isles and it seems fitting to close with one from there too. The sun sets on the Summer Isles like it sets on an incredible summer. This summer has seen record-breaking dry weather in Scotland and we continue to enjoy the effects of dry trails and happy travellers. Autumn is almost upon us that like the sunsets, we’re about to welcome a wash of colour, not in the sky but across our mountains and forests. Deer grass will turn red, heather to purple, we’ll enjoy the russet hues of the changing leaves and welcome migratory wildlife to our shores.

Don’t worry, we’ll save a space by the fire for you and the barman will keep his whisky cabinet well stocked but only if you’ve earned it. Click here to explore how you can enjoy Autumn in the Highlands of Scotland.

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