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    Scotty McNeish

    Adventure Coordinator

    Easy-going | Mischievous | Patient

    Mini Bio

    I work within the operations team at Wilderness Scotland and am incredibly lucky to be able to be part of the guiding team too.  After a nomadic childhood growing up in Austria, Hong Kong, Norway, and Canada I caught the bug for adventure travel and have spent a lifetime skiing, climbing and canoeing and have been lucky enough to join trips all over the world.  Following a career in the Royal Air Force I settled in the Highlands and love the wildness of a winter’s day out in the Cairngorms. To me, Scotland is the world ‘distilled’ into one great mini adventure playground and offers so much I just need to keep exploring it.

    Place to play

    I absolutely love climbing and skiing in the Cairngorms in winter and camping on the west coast beaches in summer.

    Not a lot of people know this

    I’m definitely not royalty but I cracked a joke with the late Duke of Edinburgh, had lunch with Princess Ann and Prince Harry used to bring us cakes!

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