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    Andy Hall

    Energetic | Enthusiastic | Considerate


    Mini Bio

    Climbing, then teaching, has led me around the mountain areas of Britain, latterly spending 20 years as head teacher in an outdoor education centre in North Wales. Expeditions have taken me from ski touring in Alaska, first kayak descents in Nepal and Peru, to waveskiing in Oz.

    Now I spend my time ski teaching in Italy in winter and guiding on Scotland’s mountains, coasts and rivers year round.

    Place to Play

    Where the flow and the seasons take me: 750 kms of Canadian Arctic river and seeing no one else but my companions; skiing powder in the Caucasus or backpacking with my wife in Patagonia. But where do I spend most of my time? Scotland, and in Scotland – the Cairngorms! I’m a very lucky man!

    Not Many People Know

    I’ve kayaking across the Pentland Firth to the base of the Old Man of Hoy, climbed it and paddled on round to Kirkwall.

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