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Photo Blog: Discovering the Hebrides by Sea Kayak

Posted on Aug 12, 2016 by David Russell

I recently joined our Island Hopping in the Outer Hebrides Sea Kayaking trip. I was expecting a lot, but found more than I could have hoped for. Experience it for yourself with this photoblog of sea kayaking in the Outer Hebrides.

Atlantic Sunsets

sea kayaking in the Outer Hebrides

Night after night, we watched the sun roll away beyond the Atlantic horizon. St Kilda was visible, and with clouds filling the sky at all heights each evening was a stunning vista of golden light poured across the sandy bays and blooming meadows of Machair.


sea kayaking in the Outer Hebrides

It became the evening ritual to wander to the headland after dinner, with no technology to distract us from the show that nature puts on for us.


sea kayaking in the Outer Hebrides

Especially rich in bird life, the Hebridean Isles are a place to remember you are not alone in the world.


Animal Encounters

Before we had even reached our lunch on the first day we had been treated to a parade of rare and unusual sights. We saw pair of White Tailed Sea Eagle, two pairs of Black Throated Divers, Otter, Red Deer, Gannets, Shags, Oyster Catcher, Kittiwake, Heron, Herring Gull, Great Black Backed Gull…….wildlife-tastic!

sea kayaking in the Outer Hebrides

Two stags ford the tidal narrows right in front of us as we approach. Not the marine life we expected!


sea kayaking in the Outer Hebrides

A Lion’s Mane jellyfish drifting in the shallow sandy bays of Harris.


sea kayaking in the Outer Hebrides

Local residents who don’t mind living the quiet life.


sea kayaking in the Outer Hebrides

The traditional industry of lobster fishing is important to the local economy, and depends upon maintaining the richness of these waters.


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Ocean Journeys


sea kayaking in the Outer Hebrides

Riding the gentle swell as we make our way ashore for elevenses.


sea kayaking in the Outer Hebrides

Our guide Howard Jeffs positions himself between us and the rocks, just to keep an eye on us!


sea kayaking in the Outer Hebrides

Line astern, journeying around the island of North Uist on the open sea. Rolling swell but smooth water makes for great paddling!


Stunning Coastlines

sea kayaking in the Outer Hebrides

Landing on the very remote and unpopulated Isle of Scarp was a highlight for everyone. This is one of the wildest coastlines anywhere in Scotland. If you don’t travel by sea kayak it’s unlikely you would ever have the chance to visit this stunning beach, surrounded by rugged headlands and steep cliffs.


sea kayaking in the Outer Hebrides

Venturing into Sea Caves is a favoured activity! Guide Myles Farnbank


sea kayaking in the Outer Hebrides

It couldn’t be anywhere but the Hebrides!

Great Company

sea kayaking in the Outer Hebrides

The group of adventurers that made it all possible.

Join us for an amazing sea kayak adventure!


About the author

David Russell

I discovered the magic of the outdoors while studying Physics at the University of St Andrews. After graduating I decided to follow my dreams of freedom in the hills and rivers, and trained as an outdoor instructor. After several years of guiding with Wilderness Scotland I moved into the role of Adventure Consultant, but I still get out when I can to share my special places with adventurers from all walks of life.

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