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    The Orkney Isles: Walking Through Time

    This far-flung archipelago offers a wealth of ancient history, wildlife and culture.

    Join us on a walking adventure to the Orkney Isles.

    By Rupert Shanks
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    Watch the Video

    Immerse yourself for a moment in the raw beauty of the Orkney Isles as Wilderness Guide Andy Heald tells you more about the fascinating culture, history, and unique landscapes of the island group.

    Walking on the Orkney Isles

    Inspired by this video? Join us on a remarkable journey to this little-visited archipelago of some 70 small islands and skerries due north of the Scottish mainland on a Wilderness Walking Holiday. 

    The wild landscape of the Orkney Isles feature intricate coastlines. The towering cliffs, deep caves and giant rock stacks make for an inspiring backdrop. The islands have a rich and ancient history. The various archaeological sites offer a fascinating glimpse into the past, with many details of life preserved. Orcadians themselves feel a strong local identity and you can expect a warm island welcome. Known for their whisky, seafood, and farmhouse cheeses, the islands promise visitors a fantastic culinary experience.

    Highlights of our Walking Holiday:
    • Discover wild walks, ancient landscapes and spectacularly weathered sea cliffs on the walking holiday of a lifetime.
    • Experience the rich natural and cultural heritage of the Orkneys in the company of our knowledgeable guides.
    • Enjoy Orcadian hospitality and fresh local produce at our stylish accommodation in a historic guest house.

    Visit the Orkney Islands

    Meet the Author: Rupert Shanks

    “After a spell in the corporate world in London Rupert decided to find a more rewarding way of life involving a closer connection to the outdoors and to his camera!”

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