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Gear Review Video of the Haglofs Vassi Ski Jacket

Posted on Apr 08, 2013 by Rupert Shanks

Gear Review Video of the Haglofs Vassi Ski Jacket
After a fantastic winter of skiing, both in the stunning Scottish Cairngorms and the Alps, we have put together a gear review video of the Haglofs Vassi ski jacket. This jacket is a tough outer shell style jacket made of top-notch materials and with some new design features that have got the ski world talking.

Our Review of the Haglofs Vassi Ski Jacket

For those who would rather read our Haglofs Vassi Ski Jacket Review here it is in full.

Hi, my names Rupert and Im here to give you a brief review of the Haglofs Vassi ski jacket.

Haglofs are a Swedish organisation and are also the largest supplier of outdoor equipment in the Nordic region. They’ve been offering high quality, functional gear in simple designs for over 100 years.

At the beginning of the winter they released the Vassi Ski jacket and Trouser combo. This was developed in partnership with 2 Swedish free skiers, Per Jonsson and Asbjorn Eggebo Naess.

The Vassi Jacket is an outer shell in a loose and long style which gives good freedom of movement. The relaxed fit also means you can wear stuff underneath such as body armour, transceiver and down jackets without feeling uncomfortable.

Its a relatively light jacket weighing just under 800 grams made of a tough 3 layer Gore Tex Pro material. This is exactly the kind of jacket I want as it means I can use it in lots of different weathers and adjust my layers underneath to keep warm and dry.

Like many ski jackets, the Vassi includes a Powder Skirt which feels good and secure. There are a few options for tightening which means great snow protection on those deep days. It can also be removed entirely by zip which is handy for using the jacket when you’re not skiing or when you’re nto worried about snow getting inside your jacket. The Vassi Ski Trousers are able to zip into the jacket to give complete protection from powder snow getting inside your outer shell.

The Jacket offers 1 inner zip pocket and 2 inner pouch pockets with elastic which are nice and roomy. On the outside there are 2 large zip pockets down here with 1 breast zip pocket and arm zip pocket. I find these more than enough to carry all my bits and bobs such as trail maps and goggles etc. I love the way the zip handles are long enough to find quickly with big gloves on and are still accessible with a back pack on.

These 2 air vents are located across the chest rather than under the armpits which is meant to allow air to flow quicker inside the jacket and again also means you can undo them with a backpack on and strapped up. I find them easy to use and good for cooling but on my last jacket I did use the armpit vents while I was actually skiing as they had an inner mesh to stop snow getting in. These Vassi ones can’t really be used when you re skiing (or when Im skiing anyway) as any wee tumble runs the risk of your jacket filling with snow.

The collar is nice and high to offer great weather protection. Theres a nice soft chin pad to stop it rubbing although this doesn’t go across the whole inner collar. The collar and hood can be tightened by 3 toggles which is important as the hood is large enough to go right over your helmet with ease. Another good wee feature is the hood’s peak which is stiffened so that you can shape it how you like and means your vision isn’t obscured as you turn your head.

I like the cuffs which are very wide to allow them to fit over big fat ski gloves. The velcro straps are nice and big which means I can do them up even with my large ski mitts on.

The Vassi range comes in a variety of bright simple colours. I went for the Lime green option which I like a lot, despite my brother labelling me the lollipop lady on a recent trip together. He’s just jealous anyway. The only problem with this colour is that it does seem to pick up dirt very easily.

The Vassi Jacket is not cheap. It retails for around ¬£430 but it definitely feels great quality in terms of design and materials. Ive used it in all kinds of conditions from super deep powder days to bitingly cold windy days and hot, damp Spring days and I’ve stayed dry and warm. Overall Im very pleased with it and hope its going to last a good long while.

I hope you ve found our review useful. If you want any more info on the Haglofs Vassi Ski Jacket or have your own thoughts, please share them in the comments below.

For more information check out the Haglofs website here:

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