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Andy Hague

Andy HagueMe in 3 – Happy | Energetic | Motivated

Place to play – I spend a lot of my working life in the mountains of Scotland, so I guess I love to escape to the western Isles especially Lewis, Harris & Barra. 

Not a lot of people know this – I have an identical twin brother who is 1 minute older than me, so it may well be him your looking at in the profile pic ;)!

Mini Bio – I escaped the central belt in 2010 and moved to the Highlands. Since then, I have worked and lived on the west coast in and around the Fort William area. My passion is climbing in all its forms and I love nothing better than trying really hard and pushing the mental & physical limits of comfort! I regularly guide in the mountains on the west coast and thoroughly enjoy meeting clients from all corners of the globe. You have a ‘snap shot’ in time with clients and this forces you to bring your ‘A’ game to work every day and show off not only your own skills but also the fantastic variety which the Scottish mountains have to offer.

Adventurer's Stories about Andy

He was attentive to our needs. Good source of local information. Very punctual.
Karen MacLean
Attentive to our needs. Knowledgeable about the surrounding area. Very personable and enjoyable to have as our guide.
Keith MacLean
Andy was delightful. He managed our varied interests very well and tried to accomodate everyone's desires. He was a good and safe driver and had a very pleasant manner. We did however have some expectation that our guide would be very familiar with the orkneys wildlife and perhaps pre history. Andy seemed somewhat familiar but in a number of instances it was his first visit to the location.


Many thanks for your feedback. Andy is indeed a great guide and has been to Orkney prior to this trip. Orkney is a unique and special part of Scotland both in terms of history and wildlife. As a guide, unless you were lucky enough to grow up or live on Orkney, it does take years of visits to build up an in depth knowledge of every historical fact and wildlife specific to that area. It was great that Andy was familiar in many instances and those areas where he was less familiar serve as areas for knowledge building for the future. I do hope that these small knowledge gaps didn't detract from your overall enjoyment of the trip.
Helen Rayner
Andy was a great guide, very accommodating of our needs and a pleasure to be with. However, he is not an Orkadian and despite his thorough research for each outing there were times when a local guide would have been better.

Thanks for you valued feedback. Short of being an Orcadian, it take many visits over many years to get the depth of knowledge that will address all questions around local history, culture and wildlife. The idea of a local guide is certainly something we can address in the future to add greater value and input into the Orkney experience so we appreciate this suggestion. As a guide, the highlighted knowledge gaps are actually invaluable for further development as a guide. It sounds like you enjoyed Andy's company, guiding style and the trip overall which is great when you travelled such a long distance to enjoy this beautiful part of Scotland.
Maureen Sibbons
Andy received feedback well that the hiking on the first day was too fast paced and didn't allow time for rest breaks or lunch. He slowed the pace down after that.
Margie Moore Aten
he gave us 11/10 and said we were the best group he'd every had. He relaxed and joined in with us all and managed a very diverse group of people.
Sarah Leigh
Somehow Andy managed to pull off being extremely professional and technically competent, whilst at the same time being relaxed and fun. He was very supportive to us all, as well as concerned to ensure the needs of individual members of the - very varied - group were met. He went beyond the call of duty to respond to his demanding clients - demonsrating his ceilidhl dancing with good humour. He is clearly passionate about the Scottish highlands, and seemed to enjoy the trip as much as we did, which makes for a great atmosphere.
Judy Cornish
Andy handled a diverse group with grace and intelligence. His knowedge of yhe area was also first rate.
Glenn Macdonald
Andy was a great guy with a lot of experience and a lot of enthusiasm. It's clear he loves what he does.
Liam macdonald
our guide was caring, encouraging, considerate and knowledgeable
Lizzi Thistlethwayte
Friendly and reassuring and made sure all walks suited everyone whatever their ability
Emma Thistlethwayte
Andy was the perfect guide in every way and went out of this way to ensure we all got as much as possible from our highland adventure.
Alan Kirk
Andy was the perfect guide, I don't think we could have had better. Very caring, flexible, friendly, motivating and with a superb Scottish accent. He was always checking we were all ok and very accommodating with the choice of walks or places to go and eat. I would love to have him again on all my future tours!
Carine Romaska
Andy was brilliant and very patient with us all
Barbara Godsalve
Andy displayed humour and patience - this made for a very relaxing experience.
Ethel Hickton
Andy Hague was very caring & considered all of us.
Maggie Abbott
Andy did a great job with a relatively varied ability group. He discussed routes and suggested changes with the group and was always full of energy & enthusiasm. He chatted with all the group and was very friendly. He was also very knowledgeable about the countryside, wildlife & plants and if he didn't know something would find it out. I would definitely go on another trip with him as guide.
Elaine Crosland
Again, Andy was great. Super attitude, informative, open.
Clint Parsley
Andy was great! We all appreciated how many times he asked whether we were ok, and made compliments when we finished a hike. Also, liked the options he proposed every day, good driver (we did lots of driving between the hotel and all islands). He was great at spotting animals and local flora.
Anne-Claude Huber
Andy was excellent especially since he was a last minute sub who had never done this trip before.
James Dickson