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    Selected Trips

      Simon Coker

      Simon Coker

      Relaxed | Adventurous | Fun

      Mini Bio

      I’m passionate about being outdoors, enjoying adventures and sharing good times and am happy travelling by foot, bike or boat. Before switching to a full time outdoors career I studied Marine Biology and worked as a secondary school teacher.

      I love travelling and exploring new places both overseas and in Scotland. Previous to settling in Scotland I lived and worked in Africa, Australasia, the Caribbean and Europe doing a mix of education and outdoors work. I now continue this theme with my young family, spending our summers seeing as much of Scotland and Europe as we can. In Scotland there’s always a new corner to look around, a hidden gem to discover or a sunset to enjoy, making it a fantastic place to call home.

      Place to Play

      Cairngorms National Park. I can bike, climb, ski and paddle superb terrain in amazing surroundings all within a stone’s throw of my home.

      Not a lot of people know this

      My left big toe is shorter than the right one after I broke it windsurfing and failed to get it looked at in time. Limpets return to the same spot every time the tide goes out – their shell has grown to form an airtight seal with the rock surface at this place.

      Adventurer's Stories about Simon

      I found the guides to be friendly, welcoming and helpful throughout the course. They also put in long hours. They were also always available to answers queries, questions or go over things shown during the course.

      Dave Moore
      Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
      Reviewed on 20/10/2014

      Couldn't have been in better hands
      thanks again to Simon & Ali

      Andrea Crispin
      Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
      Reviewed on 12/10/2014

      Technical knowledge and ability to communicate it brilliant for both Simon and Ali.

      Andy Rockall
      Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
      Reviewed on 05/10/2014

      Ali and Simon were first class.There local knowledge,keeness for us to enjoy the trip and friendly manner were terrific.They pitched the trips perfectly which was no easy task given the inevitable differences in paddling ability between the group.Ali's cooking skills were particularly impressive.

      Eric McLeod
      Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
      Reviewed on 04/10/2014

      Both Simon Coker and Andy were outstanding. Simon was knowledgeable and provided great information, both historical and geographical. Andy was always available,provided great maintenance issues, and did I say that the food was superb! :)

      Charlotte Aitchison
      Road Cycling - The Grand Tour
      Reviewed on 04/08/2014

      Simon and Andy were both top notch and really made the trip a joy to do... even when climbing 'wee bumps'.

      Kent Koester
      Road Cycling - The Grand Tour
      Reviewed on 01/08/2014

      Simon was knowledgable and entertaining. He was really great. We were 'slower' but he never made us feel like we were taking too much time or that he was bothered by our pace. Professional and outstanding. Andy (SAG Support) was also superb. His attention to detail was phenomenal. Along with topping off our waters at each stop and of course, getting our bags to our rooms before we arrived in the hotels and having tires pumped up each morning- he noticed after day 2 that I was folding up my ride cue sheets and stuffing them in my bento box by my handle bars (I brought my own bike)- HE BEGAN REPLACING THEM FOR ME each morning! That was a really personal touch that I really appreciated. Above and beyond in my opinion.

      Laura Kurtzweg
      Road Cycling - The Grand Tour
      Reviewed on 30/07/2014

      Simon was a really nice guide, lot of knowledge in the wildlife of Cairngorms. I enjoyed the walks he choosed with / for us !

      Céline Hoffmann
      Wilderness Walking - Cairngorms National Park & Royal Deeside
      Reviewed on 19/05/2014

      Great people skills - positive attitude and able to bring the best out in all.
      good attention to detail
      Worked well together as a team.
      Seemed just to be lovely people

      Jon Fogarty
      Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
      Reviewed on 06/10/2013

      Simon is by far and away the best. I so enjoyed his company and enthusiasm for the ride. He was quick to point out the natural history as well as the general history of the areas. Very interesting and informative. He has a cool, calm demeanor and excellent leadership qualities. I am sure you have other guides that are very good but I can't see riding with anyone else. Ian was great also. He had lots of interesting local stories and tales that he shared. They are the 'Dynamic Duo'.

      Paul Riso
      Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
      Reviewed on 01/10/2013

      Thanks to Simon who reminded me to "man up" on day 3 (I'll get back at you for that!) so I didn't miss the next wonderful day and who slipstreamed me to the Butt of Lewis on the final section of day 5.

      John Death
      Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
      Reviewed on 05/09/2013

      I think they provided a great level of information and alternatives especially on the day people could choose not to cycle. On one day the time between breakfast and lunch was too long though.

      Elizabeth Death
      Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
      Reviewed on 02/09/2013

      Making sure individual got the most out of their trip.
      A good knowledge of the area.

      Anne Etherington
      Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
      Reviewed on 02/09/2013

      The guide was very knowledgeable about the culture, history and wildlife in the region. He also did a great job at managing the different levels of abilities within the group.

      Sophie Boisson
      Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
      Reviewed on 26/08/2013

      Simon was superb. Couldnt have asked for more. Give him a raise.

      Patrick Gavin
      Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
      Reviewed on 13/08/2013

      Simon was like Superman that guy could ride a bike anywhere and he was also very professional and knowledgeable about bikes, the terrain and the history and friendly too.

      Michele Anson
      Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
      Reviewed on 12/08/2013

      Simon was a fantastic guide, always in a great mood and sharing his knowledge of the area we were in! Great at fixing my bike to!!

      Craig was also a fantastic guide again like Simon with a great personality and his knowledge of scotland and Scottish history was brilliant! Always did a great job at lunch for us and getting us organised when we got to the hotels.

      2 top guys!

      Mike Greedy
      Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
      Reviewed on 12/08/2013

      Both guides very good, relaxed but supportive. Both good on leading cooking/breakfast

      Graham Porter
      Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
      Reviewed on 26/06/2013

      The speed of tuition was excellent as he did not bombard us with too much info on the first day. He was very knowledgeable and had an excellent manner with all of the guests.

      Dominic Walmsley
      Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
      Reviewed on 19/06/2013

      Both guides great fun and really good instructors. Well organised and felt confident under their instruction.

      Barbara Florence
      Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
      Reviewed on 16/06/2013

      Simon was brilliant. Not only was he a fantastic instructor but also took a genuine interest in all the participants when we were on dry land too. A local lad with bags of knowledge and experience and love for the outdoors and very helpful and ready to go the extra mile. Always seemed to be happy and relaxed, he made running the trip look super easy. A pleasure to be guided by him! Phil was a great assistant, super organised and energetic and cooked the eggs every morning to perfection as promised! Again, helpful and generous with all his local knowledge.

      Jo Goldsmid
      Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
      Reviewed on 16/06/2013

      Simon was the best and Phil was excellent as well. They were good fun and a pleasure to be with. I felt very safe and learned lots with them.

      Barrie Philip
      Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
      Reviewed on 15/06/2013

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      © Simon Coker / Wilderness Scotland

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