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Stephen Foley

Screen-Shot-2016-07-20-at-09.11.53Me in three – Adventurous | Enthusiastic | Easy Going

Places to Play – Anywhere there is an interesting coastline with an abundance of caves, wildlife and possibly the occasional coffee shop.  Isle of Skye and Shetland have never disappointed me.

Not a lot of people know this – While on a solo Sea Kayaking trip in Norway last year, I was stopped on the water and had my Passport details and Camera pictures checked by gun welding Norwegian Marines. I had mistakenly paddled into the area of a top secret base. It’s not every day you get suspected of being an international spy while out paddling.

Mini Bio – Around 20 years ago I picked up one of the magazines in a dentist waiting room and saw an article on sea kayaking on the West Coast of Scotland. I decided I would try it, now 20 years later I am still as passionate about sea kayaking and the outdoors.

Over the years I have been fortunate to paddle in some amazing locations around the UK and abroad. I’ve been paddling with 3 feeding basking sharks on the west coast of Scotland to paddling with a group of minky whales on the NW coast of Iceland.

Although my main passion is for sea kayaking, I am as equally as happy on rivers, lochs and cycling or walking in the outdoors.

Along with working in the outdoors and sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for it, I have worked for the last decade as a Search and Rescue Mission Coordinator for HM Coastguard. The next time you are listening to a weather broadcast on the Vhf radio from the Coastguard, it could be yours truly broadcasting it.

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